Quotes from an Emotional Cheater

Remembering it all, one bullsh*t line at a time

Category: Lack of Control

“You sound like my mom.”

“You sound like my mom.”

[June 2012. M’s response to my asking him if he could look at me when I was talking to him so we could have an adult conversation about what was going on between him and H]


“No, H and I don’t correspond every day…”

“No, H and I don’t correspond every day… No, she doesn’t send me videos or pictures. And when she does, it’s usually just of cute animals and stuff.”

[June, 2012. M denying that H was 1. corresponding with him every day, and 2. sending him personal and ’embarrassing’ home-videos of herself doing things like rapping.

The pictures and videos of ‘cute animals’ she was sending him were often 1. videos of animals having sex with each other, or 2. videos and pictures of her cat and dog, which she’d often accompany with a message such as ‘This is what you’re missing right now by not being here at my place’]

“I’m not sure exactly what’s accounting for…”

“I’m not sure exactly what’s accounting for these strong feelings of wanderlust all of a sudden…but I think you’ll find that these feelings are going to just be as beneficial to us [as they’re being to H].”

[Early April, 2012]


“You don’t THINK you’re trying to control me.”

“…You don’t THINK you’re trying to control me. But you are.”

[Mid-June, 2012]


“I’ve thought about going to therapy since the breakup…”

“I’ve thought about going to therapy since the breakup…Well, I haven’t gone yet because I need to make sure that it’s not going to jeopardize anything at work…I’m not going to go if it’s going to make me look bad to my colleagues.”

[Late July, 2012]


“…I appreciate you not telling me…”

“…I appreciate you not telling me to stop being friends with H. I was really miserable before I met her.”

[Early April, 2012. One week after M met H and they started hanging out for multiple hours everyday]


“I thought as long as I wasn’t touching H…”

“I thought as long as I wasn’t touching H in an inappropriate way, or vice versa, that what we were doing was okay.”


“It’s not just with H…”

“It’s not just with H that I’ve begun thinking about dating others. It’s pretty much any attractive or interesting girl I see or meet on the street.”


“H was in the neighborhood…”

“H was in the neighborhood so she came over for a couple hours to watch Youtube. …It was just a couple of hours.”

[They also drank an entire bottle of wine together.]


“I can’t do either of those things for you…”

“I can’t do either of those things for you right now [either: toning it down with H, or, being more transparent about their relationship]….I’m not willing to do those things at this point in my life.  She’s becoming a very important person to me.”