Quotes from an Emotional Cheater

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Category: Entitlement

“Everyone in the Band tells me that dating within the Band…”

“Everyone in the Band tells me that dating within the Band is looked down on, and you shouldn’t do it, especially if you’re different ranks, because it’s a form of fraternization–unless it’s really serious, or you’re going to get married or something. And then you have to be really careful and keep it secret until you get serious.”

[Feb, 2012]

“I’ve asked around the Band about H and I dating, and they all tell me not to worry about anything, or it being secret, and that we’re not doing anything wrong, and that it actually happens quite often–that people in the Band get involved with each other.”

[Sept, 2012]


“My relationship with H has nothing to do…”

” My relationship with H has nothing to do with my relationship with you…That’s why I don’t feel like what I’m doing with her is wrong.”

[June 2012]

“…Are you talking about the parts I’m not playing in?”

“…Are you talking about the parts I’m not playing in? You mean the boring parts?”

[Re: orchestral music. Various times from 2008-2012]


“Oh, something was happening there?”

“Oh, something was happening there? …I wasn’t paying attention. You know, I usually tune out when I’m not playing my own part. Everything else is obviously insignificant.”

[2011. M often expressed his disdain and boredom with the parts in symphonies that had nothing to do with the brass, or his own bass trombone part, usually in a joking fashion. It was funny, until it became apparent that he wasn’t joking, and that it didn’t just apply to music]