Quotes from an Emotional Cheater

Remembering it all, one bullsh*t line at a time

Month: November, 2012

“do you for sure…?”

Pre-move text message:

“do you for sure want to keep your book cases?”


“Two weeks after we broke up…” (The last conversation)

“Two weeks after we broke up, I was hanging out with H, and I thought to myself, ‘Am I keeping myself from dating H because I’m afraid of hurting ———? [me, his Ex] Because I’m not with ———- anymore, and I can date H now if I want.'”

“I thought as long as I wasn’t touching H…”

“I thought as long as I wasn’t touching H in an inappropriate way, or vice versa, that what we were doing was okay.”

“All of my friends were like…”

“All of my friends were like, oh, that’s too bad for —– that you guys broke up, because she moved and everything, but don’t worry about her, she’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.”

“I completely disagree…”

[M’s response to my telling him that his and H’s getting together was inevitable given the exclusive time and energy they were spending with each other; and furthermore, that their dating so soon after our breakup was indicative of their building of a romantic foundation, as well as violating our boundaries, while we were still dating]

“I completely disagree with that statement.”

“I’ve thought many times…”

“I’ve thought many times since we broke up, that if only you’d been okay with the interaction and friendship H and I had, that we’d still be dating right now.”

“…I think H and I are more compatible…”

“…I think H and I are more compatible than you and I in a lot of ways. Do you want me to tell you all the reasons I feel better and more positive about my  interaction with and relationship with H right now than my relationship with you the last two months?”

“I hope you recognize…”

“I hope you recognize what a huge effort I’m making–and how uncomfortable and unnatural it is for me–to have to answer these questions you’re asking me right now.”

“…They said that we won’t…”

“…They said that we won’t get into trouble [in the Band] for what we’re doing. But all this is between H and me now and not you.”

“I think now that we had issues…”

“I think now that we had issues before I became friends with H. We had some real incompatibilities, like how we deal with problems…. I do think we’d discussed them. I know I said I could work through them. I just didn’t know that I’d change my mind and wouldn’t want to after I moved to DC.”