[H. starts posting very frequently…]

by pandaqueen1001

[H. starts posting very frequently on M’s Facebook wall—often posts referring to or detailing private inside conversations/experiences/jokes only he and her had shared, ie. “This youtube video is almost as funny as our current conversation,” “Remind me to tell you about —-“

M. doesn’t explain any of her posts, and doesn’t feel comfortable with my asking or his explaining what they refer to. H. also begins responding to things he posts within minutes of his posting it, often putting in greater effort than he originally did (for example: she takes a photo he posted, photoshops it and adds a meme. Then reposts to his wall with some inside-jokish comment.)

Also M. begins tagging her in several of his general posts.

Upon meeting H, M. begins “forgetting to” include or involve me in any of his FB activity, and eventually stops altogether, including responding to anything I send him.]