Quotes from an Emotional Cheater

Remembering it all, one bullsh*t line at a time

Month: August, 2012

“It was H. and me and J….”

“…It was H. and me and J., but at some point J. seemed really bored with what H. and I were doing/watching/talking about and left.” (Signs it was already exclusive. He spent two more hours with just H. at her house talking and drinking wine)


“Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you tonight…”

“Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you tonight, I lost track of time with H.”

“I didn’t want to call/text you back…”

“I didn’t want to call/text you back because I didn’t want to blow H. off or be
rude to her.”

“Sorry I didn’t call…”

“Sorry I didn’t call, I was just having so much fun with H. that I lost track of time.”

“I can’t do what you ask me to do…”

“I can’t do what you ask me to because I have to want to do it myself… I’m sorry that you feel like I’m tying your hands behind your back. I just need to want to do these things without you telling me about them.”

“I’m kind of freaking out…”

“I’m kind of freaking out. I just want to make sure that you know that your moving to DC isn’t any any sort of guarantee of marriage or anything. …Because I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage since bootcamp. That we shouldn’t do anything for financial reasons.”

“H. was also freaked out…”

“H. was also freaked out about everyone being married in the band when she got here….She’s good to relate to about feeling different.”

“I think H. is going to be a very useful friend…”

“I think H. is going to be very a useful friend to me here. She’s been good to talk to about feeling alone and not like everyone else who’s married.”

“H. tells me about this group…”

“H. tells me about this group who’s playing Settlers of Qatan later, it’s a sort of tour tradition in the Band.”

The beginning (The tour)

“I started talking to a girl named H. who was next to me on the stage… she’s also into scary movies so we’re going to start a scary movie club DC, starting tonight.”